Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St Patricks on the Outer Banks......

Johnny and I have wanted to go down to the Outer Banks
of North Carolina for all of the St Patricks festivities but with it being
in March, we just always had so much going on with birthdays and such. And
let's add in that he works almost every weekend!!

So this year we decided to just do it. We headed down there on Friday
morning and stayed until Monday. The weather wasn't the best on Friday
and Saturday but who's the beach! We went shopping at the
outlet mall, went thrift store shopping and went to some of our 
favorite bars. We did so much on Saturday we had to go back to our
hotel room and take a nap then head back out.....haha!!

Then the weather really cleared up and Sunday, the day of the parade, 
was beautiful. The parade route was one mile long and it was probably
3 and 4 people deep. The parade lasted almost 2 1/2 hours!!
Of course a parade in OBX means party time so 
everyone is along the road with their coolers of cold beer!!
It was a lot of fun and we'll definitely go back next year. 
here's the view from our room.....beautiful

 this picture really does not do this rainbow was the most brilliant rainbow I had ever seen. It was so bright, you can see the difference in the sky inside of the rainbow.....then outside of it a little darker.

After the parade we walked over to one of our favorite bars... Tortuga's
after awhile these 2 guys walked in with a light up toilet
haha....not sure what that was bout but they were having fun!

we walked out on the beach for a very short wasn't that cold but
I was freezing. Well, turns out I was starting to get sick so I guess I
had a small fever. Even back in the room, I just couldn't get warm.

and then this is the saddest picture leaving the OBX
I am always sad when we have to leave.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Another March 17th goes by ........

Today is the 4th anniversary of Johnny's stroke

I talk about it here.....

and then in 2012 I poured my heart out for 
all to read....something I have never done

and then one more post in 2013 and let folks
know that all of those warning signs of a stroke, well
they don't always happen

march 17 2013

I don't get as emotional now.....I'm thankful that Johnny is still with us
thankful that he is enjoying each of these grandchildren
and we're just enjoying life!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Birds and Squirrels .....

Regular readers know....I love the birds
and I have a love/hate deal with the squirrels
but geez, I just have to feed them!
The roof came apart on my feeder so I guess
it's time to get a new one!

the robins love the suet....

here's Pippa Lou watching them.....and begging to go out and chase them!


Monday, March 9, 2015

Declan's birthday continued ....

Declan's party was on Saturday but his birthday
was actually the next day on Sunday

So they took him to lunch and bowling
and a few of us tagged along for the fun

this was his first time bowling and he really enjoyed it so much
he jumped up and down clapping almost every time some
one bowled.....very cute

below....checking out the hockey game on TV

friends Deana and Carey

Only about 8 more weeks and this family becomes a
family of 4!

So cute....he walked over to high five Kayce after
she threw her ball

It was a fun weekend for Declan and we all got to enjoy it with him