Monday, June 15, 2015

Daddy ....

Daddy turned 82 on May 31st
he didn't want a party....didn't want a fuss over his birthday
he hasn't been feeling that great so we all understood

So we just planned a lunch with all of us and the grandkids

what he didn't know is we invited his brother and sister-in-law
to lunch

we just cooked out, had fun catching up and as
with all of our family gatherings....a lot of laughing

not many of the grandkids could come but a few did
and a cousin stopped by and surprised Daddy
as did some friends
and he got phone calls all day long with well wishes
so he was pretty much smiling the whole day
which made us all smile

here's some pictures of us with our Daddy

Daddy and I below....

Our little sister Kandi 

Oldest sister Vickie

Brother Tracy

We sure love our Daddy!!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Menu .....

Last week's meals were so yummy!!

here's our upcoming week
All clean eating and Whole30 compliant 

Saturday - Shakshouka and cucumber salad

Sunday - we are going to Jacquelyn's for dinner

Monday - Meatballs in tomato sauce over cauliflower rice
and salad

Tuesday - Shrimp with mango lime slaw and string bean salad
(we have to have string bean salad every week, Johnny's fav)

Wed - Oven fried chicken, wilted kale and roasted carrots

Thursday - Roasted sausage with veggies
(another repeat but we love this)

Friday - chicken soup

Notes....I love cauliflower rice but don't like the hassle of making it. Trader Joe's now carries a frozen bag of cauliflower rice.....
ingredients are cauliflower and salt.....perfect!!

I use the Applegate sausage from Costco and it's a 3 pack
and with a friend giving us zucchini and squash out of his
garden already, we'll be having that next week too!


Monday, June 8, 2015

My brother .....

My brother has a lot of talents one of which is painting
growing up he always drew, especially cartoons
and they were always good

lately he has been painting a lot, or I guess
when he has the time and 
I asked him if you would please paint a picture for me
I wanted it to hang over my sewing machine
I didn't say what I wanted but I did send him
a picture of the color I painted my sewing room

So a month or so ago he presented me with my painting
and I LOVE it
it's beautiful
But I did not want it to be upstairs in my sewing room
where I would be the only person seeing it
I wanted to display it proudly and be able to say
"My brother painted that for me"

So it's hanging in the den
over the fireplace and it looks perfect with
the colors of my den

My brother....he's a real sweetheart especially
having to put up with 3 sisters who quite often like
to start sibling text with "OMG"....and put
a little scare in him! haha

love you Tracy


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another Happy Birthday .....

And another Happy Birthday.....
I missed putting up a post for Jacquelyn's birthday
which was April 13th

oh Jacquelyn, truly my mini me!

Such a great daughter, sister, wife, mother
So dedicated to her children
and her family
and her job
sweet and smart
loves her children more than any words can express
very beautiful
loves Starbucks
Vegetarian since 8 years old
all her life has always "done the right thing"
beautiful blonde hair
real style in her clothes
and loves to dress her children in very stylish clothes
we love shopping together even for groceries
very, very thoughtful person
cares for others 
excellent cook
has a lot of ear piercings
loves the beach
a person that we know we can always depend on no matter what
loves her sister and brother deeply
and loves Maddox, Gabe and John

we love you so much Jacquelyn