Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Elf on a shelf ...

Elf on a Shelf is all the craze.......everyone's doing it!
But what I'm wondering is when and who started all of this
because over 50 years ago.......yes, it's painful to type that
my Momma had some little Elves that she would put throughout the house.
She told us those Elves were watching us and they would report back
to Santa if we were good or bad

They had little outfits that were red and white stripes
and a tiny bit of tinsel around their neck

to be honest, they used to creep me out a little
until I got old enough to understand that really, they were
just little plastic head elves

a few years back, Momma gave each of us one of those Elves
and I bring him out every year.
He sits on my book shelves in the den and he is
the "Original Elf on a Shelf"

and here's my December chalk board.....idea from Pinterest


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 ....

We sure did enjoy our Thanksgiving
except that we missed Momma terribly
I dreamed about her on Wed night
I dreamed that it was Thanksgiving, I was standing at the kitchen
sink washing up some dishes and I saw her walking up on the deck
I went to the door and said....."Momma, I thought you were gone"
she answered...."Well, I'm back!"
and that was it.....I don't remember anything else
sweet to see her in my dream
We had 12 for dinner
and as always, we ate about 5:30, half time of the Dallas game
Despite an awful showing of the Cowboys, we really enjoyed dinner
and here's just a few pictures from dinner......I didn't take to many
This is me modeling my apron that Momma gave me last year
it has a inside pocket for your cell phone!

These dogs just know that they will be getting
turkey dinner later spoiled


out newest grandson John Thomas

3 brothers

Declan has become quite obsessed with's cute


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Finding Christmas ....

Friends and family know how much I love Christmas
but I'm just not feeling it this year
I'm having a hard time with the idea of Christmas
without Momma
I told my daughter Jacquelyn this and she said I needed
to do something "Christmas" with Declan and it would get me
in to the holiday spirit.
So for football Sunday, I thought I would get some Christmas crafts
for the boys to do. Saturday evening I went over to Michaels...they
have so many things to choose from.
here's some pictures from Sunday.........I think the boys
had a good time and it warmed my heart to have them over
having fun. I still haven't hit that Christmas excitement that
I always have at this time of the year but I'm sure it will come.
Like Jacquelyn said, once I start getting my decorations out, that
will for sure make me happy.
My November chalk board

Declan looking so cute in his new vest

Baby John aka: drool machine
only one tooth through but looks like a few more
are trying hard to come through

Busy working on their Christmas crafts

Nicole does crafts with Gabe and Maddox quite often
so they were really enjoying it

Our sweet Maddox suffers from nose bleeds when the fall comes...
the dry air is rough on his little nose. Well he had a bad one and it
just messed his little nose up so much. Nicole has it coated down
good with medicine so that is why it is red and shiny!!

haha........I love how John is looking up at his Daddy, so funny

you can see his little tooth good in this picture

Nicole put John's seat up on the table so
he could see what was going on. Next year he'll
be doing some crafts!

I asked Declan to show me one of his and he held it
out for each person to see, it was cute

Maddox's turn to show his work......

and now Gabe's turn....

they each did 4


Tuesday, October 28, 2014


My last post was September 24th
Not sure I have ever gone that long without posting

It's not that I don't have a lot to say......or a lot to share
but instead, life has not been too kind lately.

October 1st my Mom had surgery.......nothing serious. She was recovering well and then she was not, like over night, she was not. Sadly, my precious Momma passed away on Oct 10th. It was very unexpected and shocked our family. I, along with my siblings, took a week off of work to be with Daddy, do some house cleaning and funeral arrangements and really, just be together. I will write a post about my Momma at a later date. She deserves so much more than just a little paragraph but I just can't for now.
So for the last 3 weeks, life has just been existing for me. As I type this, I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since Momma passed. I feel like I'm in limbo, like this isn't even real. I have not been exercising, not eating all that great and not getting a solid nights sleep. I need to take care of myself because my Momma would be disappointed if I didn't. She was proud of me for eating clean and getting exercise.  And part of getting back to normal needs to be blogging my family life for my family journal here.
So hoping to put up some pictures soon and some good recipes, good thoughts and good news!